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Medical Personnel Exchange Program

Dr. Ivan Marais working at the Hamilton Eye Institute with Dr. Miriam Lara de la Rosa from Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico.

The main focus of the program is to provide training in modern cataract and intraocular lens implantation surgery techniques and the teamwork approach. Ophthalmologists and nurses from developing countries are invited to apply to the program.


Typically, the study program is for two months, but can be tailored for a different length of time if necessary. The majority of the training takes place at Memphis Eye and Cataract Associates with Dr. Jerre Minor Freeman, Dr. Thomas Gettelfinger, Dr. John Freeman, Dr. James Freeman and Dr. David Irvine.


WCF provides our visitors with a comfortable place to stay in an apartment next door to Memphis Eye and Cataract Associates.


The program includes:
  • Clinic surgery and instrument/equipment orientations and reviews

  • Surgery observation (2-3 days per week)

  • Clinic observation (2-3 days per week)

  • Attend ophthalmology lectures at the University of Tennessee Hamilton Eye Institute

  • Attend other medical and social functions as opportunities arise

  • In addition to observing the most advanced cataract surgeries, depending on their interests, visitors will observe other specialties at University of Tennessee Hamilton Eye Institute such as cornea, glaucoma, oculoplastics, and pediatrics, retina etc.


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