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Seeing Something Beautiful

If we are able to appreciate the world by ourselves, And help others to see it, so, We are longing for their appreciation. Because removing their blindness Through our compassion and sense of justice Offers them a more worthy life And we will also see our truth and merit. We give them back a gift which was always theirs, And in addition, we receive in change a beautiful opportunity To vanish our differences and Be able to see them shine for what they are. We are a team Not who, not how many “Only one with a mission” Dr. Freeman composes a symphony Which deserves to be played and heard The most beautiful. Thanks to the people who succeed in these utopian goals, Who keep up their objectives day after day, And turn other’s dreams in reality. And the will to help others Always last in this big world. Thanks to the people who have brought me here, To the unconditional support which I received, Because I feel I have received infinitely more than And above all, to the Ometepec people What I could contribute, With love, Ana Viña

Member of the Spanish Ometepec 2004 team from Tenerife, Spain

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