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The memories of my first trip to Ometepec in 1996 are still vibrant in my mind. I was a volunteer on that first trip and it changed my life's path in a wonderful way. I have been back to Mexico over 26 times now, and each time I notice what an impact the experience has on first timers. My emotions were running so high I wrote a poem during the flight home. Through the years I have received heartfelt notes from team members. In this blog I have included my poem along with several others I have received from team members through the years.

Lori Hudson

Ometepec, Guerrero, Mexico

Medical Mission Trip

November 1996

Looking back on my trip to Ometepec, certain things stand out in my mind. The dedication of those who came from all walks of life joined as a team to help their fellow mankind. The rhythm of the group was a joyous flow of energy focused toward finding each other’s strengths and talents, and joining them to become a healing dedicated team. We felt God’s embrace as we watched the people waiting patiently for hours, even days, for their turn. They never complained. I remember looking at their hardened, brown feet and wondered what their lives had been like. After bending down to cover their feet, I would look at their faces. Words didn’t need to be exchanged. The grateful expressions of gratitude and their smiling eyes let me know what they were thinking. After their surgeries, with tear stained eyes, they would hug us. We never knew if they were hurting. They were so humble and appreciative. Many had walked for miles and were probably hungry, yet, they never asked us for anything. We did not want anything for the work we did, but we will never be the same. Kinds words exchanged will not be forgotten. The special hugs when we said goodbye will be embedded in our hearts. Our spiritual lives have been enriched and, hopefully, we will always remember the feelings we felt on this wonderful trip to Ometepec.

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