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Raise Your Voice - about Sight Night!

The 19th Annual Sight Night was a glorious evening thanks to our delightful guests and the talented cast of Sister Act. Thanks so much to our generous donors and corporate partners.

Director Emeritus, KC Lam, presented WCF with a $10,000 Million Dollar Round Table Grant and surprised everyone by matching it with an additional $5,000! The crowd was happy to see Residents from the University of Tennessee and were engaged with reps from Johnson & Johnson Vision and RxSight who were onsite answering questions about cataract care.

What a joy to celebrate our Amistad Award winner, Raleigh Crawford, and our Freeman Vision Award recipient, Dr. Glen Smalley. We were honored with stories from these amazing volunteer leaders that truly tell the story of why we support the mission of WCF.

We warmly invite you to get involved and help WCF (as the Sisters said) … Spread the Love Around!


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