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Container to Haiti

World Cataract Foundation is always on the lookout for excellent used equipment to donate to clinics in developing countries. Whenever possible, WCF teams will take smaller pieces of equipment with them to donate in person. WCF has sent larger pieces of equipment on sea containers sponsored by other organizations. Last year, we shipped four anesthesia machines, a microscope, surgery beds and other items on a Parish Twinning Container.

Currently, Lori Hudson and Dr. Chris Fleming are working with Craters and Freighters to send a World Cataract Foundation container to Haiti. They have been collecting some valuable pieces of equipment to send to Grace Children’s Hospital in Port au Prince. Haiti Medical Mission representatives, Marion Bailey, DDS and her husband, Dave Hulbert, are also collecting dental and physical therapy equipment to include on the container.

William R. Priester, III, DDS, a well-known Memphis Prosthodontics Practitioner, retired last December. During the process of closing his practice, Dr. Priester donated nine dental chairs, sixteen stools and two autoclaves to WCF. Six of the dental chairs will be used as surgery beds. They are electric, in great working condition and will lay flat for surgery. The other three chairs will used in the Haiti Medical Mission clinic in Port au Prince. In addition to this valuable equipment, there are three microscopes, two wheelchairs, ophthalmic instruments, an A-scan printer and many replacement bulbs for equipment the hospital owns.

Photo: Dr. Fleming and Lori Hudson with microscope for container.


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